We are Different. We want office space design to be driven by our clients. By their brand. By their culture.

Myford Building

66,818 Rentable Square Feet, 4:1,000 parking, second floor features 18 foot clerestory atrium, elevator served at both front and rear entrances.

Franklin Building

95,458 gross square feet, 4:1,000 parking, elevator served. See brochure.


Michelle Building

4,555 Rentable Square Feet spec suite, 4:1,000 parking, elevator served at both front and rear entrances. See brochure.


Customizable Features

Branding colors on entries, flexible office and R&D layouts, private decks, rollup doors.

Your Culture. Your Design.

The process of developing creative office is evolving, and instead of delivering a one-size-fits-all solution, Harbor collaborates with tenants to deliver unique buildings that relate to their brand identity and work-style through color and graphics, signage, and customizable amenity spaces.  Your talent spends the majority of their lives at work.  Why not make it fun and inviting?  Choose from a variety of amenities such as electric vehicle charging stations and outdoor decks for meeting or lounging.


Your Office

We provide the flexible infrastructure and give you creative discretion to design something awesome.

Your Brand

Your office is a core component of your brand, and we will ensure the workspace reflects your culture.

Your Rules

Work however you like, and we will just make sure that you have everything you need to flourish.

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